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PAWS started in a very small studio in Kingswood. Fifteen years later we are one of the biggest and most successful schools in Sydney. Here’s how we did it……..

15 years ago we had a dream to create a school like no other in Western Sydney. A school that not only taught dance but that incorporated circus, singing and drama always with the main goal to create confident kids through nurturing. Allowing each child to learn how to set their own goals and achieve them in their own time with a focus on themselves and not on what others can do allowing them to feel that they are enough. 

We currently have sixteen students traveling all over the world professionally for circus, dancing, acting and singing. Last year alone we had a child performing with Tina Arena in Evita at the Opera House, a child who has their own TV Show on ABC me, this year we have one of our kids working alongside Hugo Weaving with the Sydney Theatre Company and a child who will be in the upcoming Billy Elliott musical touring Australia. Lastly we have a fifteen year old World Record Holder for circus as seen later this year on Channel 10. 

PAWS now has an Entertainment Company who performs all over Australia in Caberet Shows, Classical Shows and Pantomimes as well as Circus performers. In developing this we create work for our seniors who from age sixteen are able to have the opportunity to perform professionally which is an incredible experience and looks amazing on their resume. 

Despite the amazing achievements from PAWS kids our number one aim is not to produce professional performers but to produce amazing humans. Our staff strive to help every child reach their full potential in whatever they decide to be in life. A child at PAWS will gain confidence and are taught to think big. 


Senior Ballet
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