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7 Steps to choosing the right class for your child

Does your child love the top 40 music and copying the dancers on TV? Then jazz or hip hop would really suit them.​

Jazz is a more technical style incorporating stretching turns, kicks and jumps. Hip Hop is learning the funky hip hop styles​ such as popping and locking or break dancing.​

Is your child into softer music, do they love being creative and would benefit from being able to express their emotions? Then ballet or​lyrical/contemporary class would be great for them. Classical ballet  is a traditional style but incorporates lots of make believe and props.​

Lyrical/contemporary dance is a more free style where students are encouraged to express their feelings through dance. ​

Does your child love the idea of beating their feet to the rhythm of the music and wearing shoes that make noise? Then tap dancing is for them. ​

Tap is a style of dance where students have metal plates on their shoes that beat to the music.​

Is your child into playing roles or parts and has a creative mind? Do you want them to gain confidence with their public speaking skills and with being ​able to speak up in a group? Then drama would be great for them. In drama class they learn acting skills.​

Does your child love to climb and be upside down? Then our circus and acrobatics classes would suit them. Acrobatics is taught by a qualified gymnastics​ teacher and this is where students learn tumbling skills. In circus class children learn trapeze, silks and lyra as well as some juggling.​

Is your child wanting to sing, dance and act all at the same time? Then musical theatre would be a great class for them. Musical theatre is a combination ​of all three things and encourages children to play a part from a real musical show. ​

Does your child love getting up on the stage and performing and can’t get enough? Then showgroup would suit them because they have many chances ​to do this throughout the year. Showgroup students compete in eisteddfods and also perform at various festivals in their local community.​

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