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CLASSES 5 - 7 YEARS Competitive Stream

Our troupe students and also any Rec stream students are able to participate in these classes and are also given the opportunity to sit a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) exam or assessment. Children who wish to do this need to attend two ballet classes per week. The RAD new syllabus is much more suited to today’s child. It has many fun elements incorporating props and imagery yet still has the high standard that the Royal Academy of Dance is famous for. Children will be put into the correct level appropriate for their age. Ballet students are given the opportunity to perform in our end of year concert. 

In this class our pre-junior troupe students learn how to stretch, turn, kick and the basics of jazz based technique. This is taught in a positive learning environment incorporating current and age appropriate music. This is not a class where your child learns a routine but rather the specific techniques they will need to be able to execute a higher level jazz routine.

In this class troupe kids will learn a routine for competition. They will also get to perform in festivals and other events throughout the year. Children are taught performance techniques as well as working as a team and perfecting their technique.

In this class students would be learning the basics of tap technique as well as rhythm skills and performance skills. This class will be taught to current and age appropriate music. In this class students will learn tap technique as well as a routine to perform in competition. 

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