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Seniors is for ages 15 and over. PAWS is well known for its senior level and gets the best teachers out from all over Sydney. PAWS Seniors have the opportunity to work with the industries’ best and often workshops are organised for them to experience new styles and experience the best choreographers.

Senior Acro teaches acrobatics including cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, flexibility, backbends, handstands and backwards walk overs. We have a few levels in this class so that as your child progresses, they can move up and learn new and exciting things when the body is ready on an individual level. We also offer an advanced level of acrobatics for this age group where students who already have advanced skills can progress. This level is at the discretion of our acrobatics coaches and they will let you know if your child is ready to progress to this level.

A great class for an introduction to circus skills. In this class your child will be able to have a try at everything in our circus syllabus. This will include juggling, silks, trapeze and hoop. The class is done in a circuit format so that every lesson the students get a try at all skills. These students are given the opportunity to perform in our circus and acrobatics showcase in October.

Our ballet classes are also for both our rec and non rec students, and rec students are more than welcome to sit their assessments with the Royal Academy of Dancing if they would like to. PAWS students love ballet because we teach it to help them understand their bodies and how ballet leads into all other styles of dance. Our outstanding results in exams are proof of our successful teaching techniques.

Is a good class for any student who does not have a lot of ballet experience but still wants to work in a ballet class to gain understanding and technique. This class teaches you about your muscles and how they work to create amazing technique.

Advanced Ballet: PAWS has Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 classes for the more senior and serious ballet students. We work with the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and also have an advanced pointe class. 

This class aims to develop contemporary technique with a strong emphasis on flexibility and endurance. In this class you will also practice kicks, turns and jumps, also combinations from the corner learning journey and connection as well as drop rolls and fly rolls. This is a very popular class as PAWS is well known for its superiority in this style.

In this class students will learn contemporary and lyrical routines for competition work. PAWS has won many awards for routines in this area. There is a strong emphasis on understanding the meaning behind the movement and also how to connect movements. Both contemporary classes are taught by Rebecca Liu-Brennan

This class is taught by the amazing Stephen Tannos who has been with PAWS for six years now. Stephen will push his class to the limits with technique starting with a technical warm up and working through to pirouettes and corner combinations. The energy of this class is inspiring and uplifting.

In this class students will learn a routine for competition work. PAWS has got into the Jazz Opera House finals twice and won best choreography at Australian Dance Challenge with Stephen’s routines including winning at many local and city competitions. With Stephen’s famous and unique style, students will love attending this class and being able to work with one of Australia’s best choreographers.

Students are challenged in this class with a high level of tap technique. This class also caters for a more beginner level, offering two teachers, so that students can either learn the basics or progress their already high skills.

Taught by the amazing JB who is the founder of Phly Crew and who is one of Australia’s top hip hop dancers and choreographers. Famous for his cleverly put together routines as well as knowing all genres and styles of Hip Hop, JB is a wealth of knowledge who passes his passion onto his students.

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