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Watch the excitement as your child looks forward to each class as they meet new friends, gain confidence and learn new skills in this super fun class.

Dance Cirque includes interactive circuits, lyra, silks, trapeze, juggling, hula hoops, and more all under the supervision of our fully qualified teachers. Each student progresses at their own pace with progress cards and graded levels for each section of the Dance Cirque program. 

Other benefits are enhanced physical development. Circus is a great way to exercise and build strength and overall fitness.
Improved hand eye co-ordination with juggling which can help with fine motor skills and co-ordination, not to mention mental focus.
Paws is all about creating confident kids and Circus classes are a great way to learn new skills achieve their goals which can be a great confidence booster for kids.

What to Wear for Circus Classes

For all circus and acrobatics classes, students must wear tight fitting clothing (a leotard and knee-length or full-length tights preferred) and must wear hair in a bun or plait for medium to long hair and ponytail or bun for short hair. These requests are for safety purposes as loose clothing or hair may get caught in the apparatus and tear. No rings, bracelets or necklaces please.



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